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Want Claire’s entire guide to Merida? Check out her PDF!


The Landscape:

Mérida lies about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico on the Yucatán, and about 100 miles from numerous Mayan ruins. Cenotes, primal sink holes that act as oases in the sweltering jungle, dot the map to the south an…

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I love that cotton candy has become a food trend – popping up on pinterest boards, instagram photos, and even on some inventive menus. It’s the perfect cross section of nostalgic and ephemeral. It sticks to your fingers if you hold it too long and dissolves on your tongue instantly. There’s a reaso…

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Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Cooks

Come Christmas morning, stocking stuffers don’t get enough love. While all my friends are focused on the big, bow-wrapped presents under the tree, I’m eyeing my stocking to see if I can guess what I’ve been given (and then peeking into it to see if I was right).

The people in my life know me …

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The 20 Most Useful Things You Can Do With Peppermint Oil

Uses For Peppermint Essential Oil

All the hot, sunny weather we’ve been having lately has me feeling especially appreciative of anything I can use to cool off (no matter how briefly!) I’ve been singing the praises of our air conditioning system, my big floppy hat that keeps the sun out of my face, and my secret weapon for beating th…

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Arugula Salad with Berries

Arugula Salad loaded with strawberries, blueberries, creamy goat cheese and drizzled with the best balsamic glaze! Arugula Beet Salad is our go-to in winter, but this Arugula Berry Salad is the most requested spring and summer salad.

We love fruit in salad like our Winter Fruit Salad, and Autumn Chi…

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A Lesson in Cambodian Cooking, From a Mother-Daughter Duo

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik, Joel Russo. Video: Serious Eats Team]

If you don’t have Cambodian relatives or friends, it’s quite possible you’ve never had the good fortune of eating the delicious food of this coastal Southeast Asian country. In cities with small Cambodian communities, restaurants and g…

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Spriralzed Sweet Potato Chow Mein

Spriralzed Sweet Potato Chow Mein

This makes a very tasty meal that is really quick and easy to make. It’s a “light” meal yet filling. We enjoyed this so much, we will do more stir-fry meals this year.

Sweet Potato Chow Mein

Serving Size: 4


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Wellness Should Be More Inclusive

Every time I scroll through headlines or feeds promoting healthy eating and living well, the wellness representative always has a look. She’s typically a she, almost always white, usually thin, conventionally attractive, and young. Her fitness regimen predictably alternates between burpees and bikra…

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Christmas Edible Gifting: S'mores Rocky Road

S'mores Rocky Road

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Fancy Pants Marshmallows

Happiness is a homemade marshmallow nestled in a cup of steaming hot cocoa.  Or actually, happiness is about one minute later, when the marshmallow starts to melt, slowly enveloping the chocolate in a blanket of white sweetness.  Of course it’s easiest to reach into a bag and pop a jet puffed marsh…

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